I started investing in the stock market today using Robinhood


It's just another way to make money in a passive way. Make your money make money for you. So I decided to make the plunge and start investing in the stock market. I downloaded the Robinhood app and deposited $100 in my account and used it to buy a bunch of stocks. My hope is to take whatever money I gain and reinvest it back. I even turned on the automatic dividend reinvestment option which basically will keep investing even when I don't pay attention. I may add fund from time to time because I really want to own some Tesla, Apple, Google and some of the other tech giants. I also wanna be ready to invest in any biotech companies. We'll see what happens. I'm really exited about this step I took and I'm feeling optimistic about the future in general. 2020 will soon be behind us and that's a great thing. 

Use my Robinhood link to get a free stock. Actually you'd get a free stock either way but if you use my link I will also get one. 



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I'm making the switch to Kajabi and never looking back

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

I'm a huge fan of simple and easy to use tools and the less tools the better. I don't want to overwhelm my students by giving them a suite of tools they have to lean and master. If there's one tool that can eliminate so many other tools that's great but it would have to also be initiative and easy to lean and that's why I'm exited about using Kajabi, because it is that tool. They also have a great partner program which they give extra perks for when people signup with the affiliate links. Here's my link which will give you 28 days of free trial compared at only 14 days if you don't use it. 


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How I make those cool logo aminations for my clients

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2020

The secret is out, it's really easy to create those aminations using templates downloaded from Envato Elements.  Check out this video where I show how to do it in 5 minutes. Check it out and comment with any questions! 


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