The Best Place to Register your New Domain Name

Before you can start your new website project you will need to register a domain name. I get this question all the time, where’s the best place to do that. In the past I recommended Google Domains over GoDaddy because it was cheaper and has a better user experience. Now a days I recommend NameCheap because, yes as the name says it, it’s cheaper than all of the other registrars. They also include free private registration which GoDaddy makes you pay extra for. I personally switched to NameCheap a few years ago and I’m very happy with them over all. They have great customer support as well. Full disclosure the link above is my affiliate link so you would be supporting me at the same time.

How do I point my domain name to my new site?

There are 2 ways you can do that:

  1. Using DNS – This is the standard way to connect your domain name so you can take advantage of all the features the hosting company provides, such as creating sub-domains and IMAP Email accounts. If you want a free professional email accounts this would be the way to go. Your only limit is the disk space you get with the hosting company. This email account can be connected to any of your email client apps and your phone. All you need to set this up is the DNS which will look like this: and
  2. Using A Record – This method is recommended if you are already using a professional email account like G-Suite or Office 360. If you do need to add a sub-domain name you will have to do it manually in your domain name settings. All you need for this is the server IP address.

Should I register for more than one year?

This is up to you, normally there’s a discount for doing this and who doesn’t like a discount. But if you’re not sure you wanna keep that domain name then just do one year. Either way the age of the domain name and how soon it expires does not effect your search engine ranking at all.

Can I have more than one domain name for one website?

In the past people would get different variations of the their domain names which included popular keywords because that did help with ranking. Now you can achieve the same result by including keywords in the page/post names. In fact having multiple domain names for one website is not recommended at all because it’s better to focus on building the authority for one domain name which has a bigger impact on ranking. So stop buying domain names just because it has popular keywords. Instead create landing pages and include unique content with your keywords. Make sure you include the keywords naturally instead of keyword stuffing them.

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